We’ve all been doubted. Some since birth. The road to success is paved with bricks of rejection. Heck, I’ve been doubted by loved ones, former bosses, and my peers. But, I’ve always said, “If you really want me to do something, tell me I can’t do it.”

 I’m intrigued by other like-minded people who are motivated by naysayers and doubt.

More than 10 years ago, one of my first bosses said he wasn’t impressed with my writing. I held this close to my chest. As a sociology major entering the communications field, I was determined to learn everything I could about journalistic writing on the job and in my spare time. The PR agency even let me take on a pro bono client, which foreshadowed my leap into entrepreneurship. Through trial and error, mentorship, professional development classes and client work, my writing improved. I viewed different forms of writing as another challenge to flex my creativity and learn. I later transitioned to writing grants and writing for publications. I doubt I would’ve clung to writing as I have over the years if it hadn’t been for his words. Sometimes, when I’m experiencing writer’s block, I hear his words like an annoying gnat in my ear. But, I simply swat them away along with other excuses I’m making to begin filling the blank page.

The funny thing is, he’s still in my life. He probably doesn’t even remember what he said. But, I do. And, I’m thankful for this, because it lit a fire under my ass to find a way and write to tell it.


This is just one of many doubters I’ve encountered on my path. And, there are more to come.

Now, I want to talk with other creatives, artists and entrepreneurs about defying odds and slaying naysayers to achieve their dreams.

I want to hear how creative trailblazers kept their eye on the prize despite blows from the most unlikely naysayers. I want to unpack your story and process to inspire other creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs to do the seemingly impossible. I want to hear your stories about having your limits tested, and more importantly, how you persisted to achieve a creative goal.

Regardless of your industry, the road to success requires you to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling by any means necessary. Your creativity is required, not requested. Whether you use an ice pick to chisel through the glass or throw a brick through the side window to open your door to opportunity—just get it done. This is a collaborative effort of the trusted few and generous bystanders who all conspire toward your success.

So, let’s break some glass. 

If you’re interested in discussing a pivotal project or naysayer you slayed, drop you name in the comments below or email me at jlara.mpactpr@gmail.com. #BreakingGlass

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