Soul Story Sessions

Great stories connect with people’s hearts, and make such an impact, they spread like wildfire! Through Soul Story Sessions with artists and entrepreneurs, we’ll ask targeted questions (via email, phone/Skype), which will uncover impressionable moments, key influences, and unlikely events that get to the root of your story.

Soul Story Sessions work with artists and entrepreneurs who want to create stronger connections with their audience.  

Here’s the fun part–Depending on what surfaces during our conversation, we’ll work together to determine the best format and visual elements to bring your story to life with our interactive content platform, Color Wheel Media.

Key Takeaways:

  • The story can be used on your website, across digital platforms, and shared with the media. This brings your work to life in an exciting, authentic way, and distinguishes you from competitors. (We’ll also share it on our platforms) 
  • Your story will engage multiple senses, which creates a stronger connection between you and your audience. Now, they’re more likely to take action 
  • As an add-on, we can develop a personalized plan for you to strategically share your story with existing supporters and new audiences.

We love the storytelling process, so if you’re an entrepreneur or artist seeking to inspire others by telling your story, fill out this form to explore our Soul Story Sessions.

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