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Forward Together-Strong Families –Strategic PR Campaign

Mpact PR, LLC was hired to help promote Forward Together-Strong Families’ 3rd annual ‘Mama’s Day Our Way’ campaign. The campaign disrupts the message that there is one right way to be a family, with their message —all families matter.

Problem: Nowadays, families are more diverse than a mom, dad and two children. However, Mother’s Day cards in greeting card aisles don’t reflect the variety of families or mamas that exist such as single moms, chosen moms, immigrant moms, queer moms, and incarcerated moms.

Solution: Strong Families commissioned incredible artists from around the country to create free e-cards that represent all families—-which, sent the message that all families matter.

Mpact’s team set out to change the narrative about Mother’s Day and families in general using Strong Families’ Mama’s Day e- card campaign as a platform to start new conversations via the media. Emphasis was placed on penetrating mainstream media and breaking new ground in parenting, multicultural, online and niche audiences to raise the visibility of Strong Families’ work and brand recognition. And, for the first time, the campaign extended to Father’s Day to celebrate all the caregivers in our lives. Through audit interviews with key stakeholders, artists, and the public about the importance of this campaign, we generated impactful coverage in SalonBuzzfeedAdvocate.comJezebel and PolicyMic, among others. *In 2016, Jacqueline Lara also highlighted Strong Families’ Mama’s Day Our Way’ campaign in her 99U article entitled, “Why Every Artist Should Be a Great Storyteller.


“I saw the Strong Families campaign on FB last year, and it was so tender, moving, and right on. I saw it as a careful dedication to the lives and love between groups of people who are often un-represented, or carelessly represented in media. Coming from where I’m from, being who I am, these cards made me feel a little more seen in the world. That I am thankful for, and that is why I wanted to create a card.” — Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski

“Chosen family has been a crucial aspect of my existence and survival as a queer person of color in this world. My chosen family has been there for me during times in which I couldn’t go to my birth mother or ‘biological’ family. I also wanted to celebrate Sylvia Rivera’s role as a mother to many struggling queers and trans* folks back when she was alive. Her work is still very relevant today and the legacy she left behind remains alive through the lives she has touched. I really wanted to celebrate this in my card.” — Chucha Marquez

Additional Praise: 

“Jacqueline Lara is a busy reporter’s dream. She takes the time to know what I write about and pitches me items that are truly relevant to me. She responds to questions quickly, which is a real lifesaver when I’m on deadline. She understands what constitutes news so when I see a press release or information about one of her clients, I pay attention to it since she doesn’t send me inappropriate information. She understands how to work effectively with journalists so that both of our needs are met. If I were looking for a public relations professional, she’s the person I’d want to launch my media campaign.”

National Freelance Journalist, Tamara E. Holmes

“I am one of Jacqueline’s very satisfied clients and am extremely appreciative of her professionalism, ability to take initiative, and very savvy journalism skills. I know there are only amazing things on the horizon for this up-and-coming multicultural PR expert!” I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in using the power of media to get exposure for your business or organization.”

Julian B. Kiganda, President and Creative Problem Solver, Bold & Fearless

“I knew after our initial meeting that I wanted to work with Jacqueline. Not only did she come highly recommended, but I could tell that she was serious and on her game…just what I needed as I was on a project with a quick turnaround time. 

To say that I have had a great experience working with Jacqueline is to put it mildly. Due to her media relations skills, I have had several high-profile media appearances. I love the way this woman works! She works the way I do…hard, and she knows her stuff. In the short time that we have worked together I have seen huge results. I have also learned a lot about PR. Another thing I appreciate about having her on my team is that our values are compatible; honesty, integrity, compassion mixed with ambition but NOT at the cost of all else. I felt inspired by my collaborations with her and look forward to having her on my team when I launch my next big endeavor.”

Nicole Cutts, Ph.D., CEO, Cutts Consulting, LLC & Vision Quest Retreats –licensed Clinical Psychologist, Success Coach, and Organizational Consultant

“Jacqueline worked creatively and consistently to promote my services as a personal finance consultant as well as my book, The Time Value of Life. Within a few weeks of becoming a client, Jacqueline secured placements for me in regional radio and television programs and most recently, ESSENCE Magazine. She is a pleasure to work with and does her best to provide her clients with campaigns customized to meet their personal goals.”

Tisa Silver, Personal Finance Expert and Author

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